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2016 Shock Rebate

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Rebate Runs March 1st - May 31st 2016


Buy 4 Skyjacker Hydro, Nitro, or Black MAX Shocks and get $35 cash back rebate. OR Buy 4 M95 Monotube shocks and get $55 cash back rebate.

Skyjacker® has the performance shocks you need for your on or off-road vehicle. The performance components of our shocks respond to the on and off-road conditions instantly. Whether you are going over rough or smooth terrain, the true velocity sensitive valving produces better handling, improved stability, and maximum comfort. If that is not reason enough to buy, Skyjacker® now offers an extra incentive of $35.00 cash back on the purchase of 4 Skyjacker® Hydro, Nitro, or Black MAX shocks. In addition to our Hydro, Nitro, and Black MAX shocks we are also offering $55 cash back on the purchase of any 4 Skyjacker® M95 Monotube Shocks. Buy 4 Hydro, Nitro, Black MAX, or M95 Monotube shocks at any Skyjacker® Authorized Dealer and submit the rebate form to receive CASH BACK!


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Note: To redeem the Skyjacker Cash Back Consumer Rebate you must: Purchase any 4 Skyjacker Hydro, Nitro, Black MAX Shocks ($35 ) or 4 Monotube Shocks ($55) between March 1st - May 31st. Lift kits that include 4 shocks also qualify. Scratch & Dent shocks DO NOT qualify. Complete rebate form with a copy/pic of the original receipt and the 4 part numbers with UPC symbols (found on shock box end flaps). Rebate submissions must be completed by June 30. Offer is limited to consumers only with one rebate per person or household. Rebate check will be issued to original purchaser only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for receipt of rebate check. Rebate will be paid in U.S. funds. Void where prohibited. Offer valid in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.