Identify BEFORE ordering

Please check your factory components to be sure that you have selected the correct lift kit for your pickup. This kit requires you to identify whether your vehicle has forged steel, stamped steel, or aluminum factory control arms.

Note: Stamped Steel and Aluminum Control arm trucks use the same Kit.

Forged Steel Control Arms

Forged steel control arms have a Textured Black Finish and are offered on 2007 and up models. A magnet will stick to forged steel arms.

Steel Control Arm

Aluminum Control Arms

Aluminum control arms have a Textured Gray finish and are offered on 2014 and up models. A magnet will NOT stick to aluminum arms.


Steel Control Arm

Stamped Steel Control Arms

Stamped steel control arms have a Smooth Gloss Black finish with visible welds. They are offered on trucks built from April 2016 and up. A magnet will stick to stamped steel arms. (Use the same Kit as an Aluminum Control Arm Truck)

Steel Control Arm