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Skyjacker® Rock Ready® ball joint load distribution design

Upper Ball Joint, USA-made tapered roller bearing carries axial and radial loads. Polyurethane wipe seal prevents contamination – mounted internally to prevent tearing and friction between knuckle and ball joint face

Lower Ball Joint, HEXAD Grease System – 6 equally spaced grease grooves evenly distributes grease; With every turn of the wheel, grease is spread in between the two wear surfaces

32MM powdered metal bearing replaces the undersized OE plastic bearing, increasing load carrying capacity

Allows clearance for RCV axles without modification

Heavy Duty Load Carrying Upper Ball Joint


The Skyjacker® Rock Ready® ball joint design

shares the load between both the lower and upper ball joints significantly lengthening the life of both joints.

The OE ball joint design consists of a weight carrying lower ball joint and a follower upper ball joint. In this design the lower ball joint carries the full weight and road force of the Jeep and the upper ball joint is only a pivot point that controls lateral movement.

Heavy Duty Lower Ball Joint

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