Skyjacker® front and rear add-a-leafs are an inexpensive way to achieve additional body clearance allowing installation of larger tires. These add-a-leafs help to maintain desired vehicle height and prevent spring sagging to continue safe vehicle handling and steering control. To restore the effectiveness of fatigued springs, add-a-leafs are an ideal solution. These positive arch kits are recommended for vehicles needing additional lift and to compensate for heavy applications such as winch and bumper combinations, snow plows, camper bodies, and heavier than normal loads. The amount of raised height and spring rate increase will vary depending on model and year of vehicle and condition of stock springs.

Our add-a-leafs are available in two styles: a full length SOFTRIDE® and a short length HEAVY DUTY. SOFTRIDE® add-a-leaf systems are designed to be inserted into your current spring system. The leaf is installed under the top main leaf to better control spring rate and quality of ride. HEAVY DUTY add-a-leaf systems are designed for ease of installation, and do not require complete disassembling of your current spring system. These leafs are to be inserted under the front spring system and, in the rear, between the spring pack and the bottom OEM overload leaf if so equipped.

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