Black MAX Shocks

Skyjacker® twin tube Black MAX shocks have increased fluid capacity and utilize “foam-cell” technology. When the shock is working hard and gets hot, the foam-cell insert compresses to compensate for oil expansion which maintains consistent MAX Performance throughout the operating temperature range of the shock. The foam-cell design also eliminates air inside the shock which allows for mounting in any direction. Arc-welded end mounts and select specific valving give this shock absorber MAX value.

Skyjacker Black MAX Shock Absorber


• Advanced Foam-Cell Technology • Vehicle Specific Multi-Stage Valving • Increased Fluid Capacity for MAX Heat Dissipation • 360 degree Arc-Welded End Mount • 180 degree Directional Mounting • Twin Tube Construction • Chrome Plated Shaft • Sintered Iron Piston • Black Boot Included • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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