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JC301BLT – 3 in. Component Box With Front Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Springs and Rear Add A Leafs

3 in. Component Box With Front Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Springs and Rear Add A Leafs.

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Component Box



Lift Height

3 in.

Upgrade your OEM coils to an optimum performance of quality, durability and dependability. Engineered to match your Cherokee's suspension characteristics. Precisely designed to add lift height purposely matched to your XJ.

Skyjacker specifically engineered a progressive variable rate coil spring, distinctively a 2-stage dual rate long travel coil. Spring rate progression is from a first Flex Rate to a second Ride Rate.

First Flex Rate stage delivers a comfortable ride with the ability to flexexpand during full articulation as the suspension drops (full droop). This keeps the coil springs seated in the upper coil mount/bucket and the tires in contact with the terrain.

Second Ride Rate stage only engages after compression past Flex Rate.

Skyjacker Softride? Technology enhances every single aspect of the rear add-a-leaf spring performance. These individual leafs are shot-peened with hard steel pellets at very high velocities. Skyjacker's advanced method of shot-peening compresses the surface of the steel thereby increasing the tensile strength of the spring.

Skyjacker's engineered processes achieve maximum wheel travel, ride quality and long-lasting life. Reap the benefits: On-Road Refinement and Off-Road Readiness.


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