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G451PELT – Gladiator 4.5 in. Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Spring Lift Kit with Shock Extensions

4.5 in. Suspension Lift With Front And Rear Dual Rate Coil Springs, Shock Extensions, Bump Stop Extensions, Sway Bar End Links, Front Lower Control Arms, Adjustable Track Bar, Rear Upper Control Arms, Track Bar Bracket, And Brake Lines.
NOTE: Fits 20-22 Jeep JT Gladiator Non-Rubicon Models with Gas Engines Only. Will Not Fit Mojave Models.

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California Residents
WARNING: Cancer and/or other Reproductive Harm.

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Suspension Lift Kits



Lift Height

4.5 in

Max Tire Size



17-20 x 9



Kit Note

Fits 20-22 Jeep JT Gladiator Non-Rubicon Models with Gas Engines Only. Will Not Fit Mojave Models.

Enter the off-road arena a true champion. Maximize your running clearances with an enhanced suspension to clear 38s. This complete 4.5 inch suspension kit includes everything required for you to go and conquer. Whether it's the area in your own backyard or a journey to undiscovered lands, you can confidently conquer whatever, whenever.

Precisely engineered to maintain the Gladiator's proper suspension geometry, this suspension system proficiently delivers in every aspect; dependability, durability and stability. You are able to keep your Jeep engineered performance shocks, yet still upgrade the OEM coils to an optimum performance option.

Skyjacker's specifically engineered 2-stage dual rate long travel coils progress from a 1st Flex Rate to a 2nd Ride Rate. The 1st Flex Rate stage delivers a comfortable ride that expands during full articulation and keeps the tires in contact with the terrain. The 2nd Ride Rate stage only engages after compression past the flex rate.

Engineered specifically for the Gladiator, the rear coils are designed with a higher, stronger 2nd Ride Rate. Whether you pull it or pack it, the 2nd rate allows ride control and stability for added weight activities like overlanding and towing.

The longer replacement Front Lower and the Rear Upper Control Link Arms both include Skyjacker installed pressed-in HD OEM style rubber bushings. The replacement Front Adjustable Track Bar includes Skyjacker installed pressed-in HD OEM style rubber bushing and an adjustable 3/4-inch Heavy-Duty Rod End, Jam Nut and Alignment Bushings.

Front and Rear Extended Length Sway Bar End Links allow full articulation as the suspension drops (full droop). Rear 3 Inch Bump Stop Spacers bolt onto the axle bump pad. A heavy duty Rear Lower Mount Track Bar Bracket is included to properly center the axle under the vehicle. It comes complete with Rear Extended Length Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines, All Bushings and High-Grade Mounting Hardware.

NOTE: Fits 20-22 Jeep JT Gladiator Non-Rubicon Models with Gas Engines Only. Will Not Fit Mojave Models.


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YearMakeModelFitment Info
2020JeepGladiator (JT) - Non-Rubicon 4WD--
2021JeepGladiator (JT) - Non-Rubicon 4WD GAS--
2022JeepGladiator (JT) - Non-Rubicon 4WD GAS--
2023JeepGladiator (JT) - Non-Rubicon 4WD GAS--


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