Exciting news we wanted to share with everyone! We have signed on as the Official Shock and Suspension of the 2016 Ultimate Adventure!

“Ultimate Adventure is the flagship off-road adventure event that started it all and spawned a huge host of copycats. In the world of aftermarket suspension, Skyjacker nowadays stands tall as one of the oldest and most trusted aftermarket suspension companies, innovating things like soft ride technologies and high-quality components that others have emulated over the years. Seems a natural fit, therefore, that we welcome on board as the official shock and suspension of the 2016 Ultimate Adventure one of our favorite standbys for everything from leaf springs to shocks to pitman arms, and most things suspension related, Skyjacker Suspensions. Vehicles on the Ultimate Adventure have to endure a range of extremes. One day we might be driving several hundred miles at freeway speeds and the next we’ll be tackling some of the hardest terrain imaginable. There’s no trailers, no whining, and as we’ve said before – no room for inferior parts. With Skyjacker on board as the official shock and suspension we’re sure our springs will stay slinky and in one piece! Be sure to check back as we roll out more 2016 Ultimate Adventure updates.”

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