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TJ403BLT – 4 in. Component Box With Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Springs

4 in. Component Box With Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Springs, Lower Links, Pitman Arm, Transfer Case Lowering Kit, Bump Stop Spacers, Sway Bar End Links, and Rear Track Bar Bracket.

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Component Box



Lift Height

4 in.

Skyjacker specifically engineered a progressive variable rate coil spring, distinctively a 2-stage dual rate long travel coil. Spring rate progression is from a first Flex Rate to a second Ride Rate.

The first Flex Rate stage delivers a comfortable ride with the ability to ability to flex/expand during full articulation. The second Ride Rate stage only engages after compression past the Flex Rate: resulting in a smoother ride. Includes a Pair of Front and a Pair of Rear Dual Rate Long Travel Coil Springs.

Longer Replacement Front and Rear Lower Control Link Arms correct caster angle. Both pairs of fixed length arms have pressed-in HD OEM style vulcanized rubber bushings at each end.

Front and Rear Bump Stop Spacers bolt in between the upper frame and OEM bump stops. Correct bump keeps the suspension travel safely in check. Front and Rear Extended Length Sway Bar End Links allow full articulation as the suspension drops (full droop). These sway bar end links include Skyjacker installed pressed-in HD OEM style rubber bushings.

A tubular Transfer Case Lowering Kit helps avoid drive shaft vibration by correcting proper driveline angle while retaining as much ground clearance as possible.

Designed to reduce the operating angle of the drag link, the drop pitman arm brings the drag link back into correct alignment and in line with the track bar.

Rear Track Bar Lower Axle Mount Bracket mounts directly to the rear axle housing to correct the track bar angle. This re-centers the rear axle and creates better handling and a lower roll center. Lower roll center means less side-to-side sway.

Comes complete with Bushings and High-Grade Mounting Hardware.


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YearMakeModelFitment Info
2003JeepWrangler (TJ) - 4WD--
2004JeepWrangler (TJ) - 4WD--
2005JeepWrangler (TJ) - 4WD--
2006JeepWrangler (TJ) - 4WD--


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